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Wayne State University School of Medicine

Weight Loss in Breast Cancer Survivors

Principal Investigator: Zora Djuric, Ph.D.
This Project, also focuses on obesity and weight loss in a unique cohort of obese African American breast cancer survivors. Insulin resistance and oxidative stress have both been implicated in breast cancer recurrence, and many of these pathways are similar to those being studied in Project #1. In the breast the focus is on oxidative stress examining both nipple aspirate fluid and cells from ductal lavage. In the plasma markers of both insulin resistance and oxidative stress will be examined. These measures will be made both before and after weight loss. The weight loss intervention in this Project was adapted for use in Project 1 (Flack PI). Furthermore, there is a similar focus on oxidative stress and its relation to weight loss in this Project with appropriate extension beyond circulating serological markers to direct assays of changes in the breast. The panel of genomic markers is virtually identical to those in Project 1. This Project will receive important support from the Psychosocial and Community Measures Core because social environment and psychological factors clearly can affect counseling effectiveness and, in turn, weigh loss can affect well being. This Project will use all of the Cores.