School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Obesity, Nitric Oxide, Oxidative Stress and Salt Sensitivity

Principal Investigator: John M. Flack, M.D., M.P.H.:
This project is thematically linked to the other proposed Projects as it proposes to examine the effect of dietary sodium manipulations on blood pressure responses, the influence of obesity and weight loss on sodium sensitivity, and the main as well as interactive effects of environmental stressors, psycho behavioral attributes, and genetic factors on salt sensitivity. An important aspect of the Project is the linkage of circulating markers of oxidative stress to weight loss and response to dietary sodium. Dr. Djuric, PI of Project #2 and a member of the Karmanos Cancer Institute, is a co-investigator in this project lending her expertise in weight loss. Also, the laboratory run by Dr. Djuric, that is part of the Recruitment and Assessment Core, will perform the assays for oxidative stress and leptin. Dr. Clark, a member of the Psychosocial and Community Measures Core, is an expert on racism, and is a co-investigator on this Project. Dr. Jill Barnholz-Sloan, a genetic epidemiologist and another member of the Cancer Center, is a co-investigator on this project. Dr. Nelson, a co-investigator, is an anthropologist who has expertise in measurement of body composition with DEXA. Another co-investigator, Dr. Pienta, from the Univ. of Florida, is a demographer/social scientist. The dietary assessment expertise for this project will come from the Karmanos Cancer Institute. This Project will use all of the Cores.