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Wayne State University School of Medicine

Psychosocial and Community Measures

This Core will provide expertise to all Projects in regards to the hypotheses and standard instruments for measurement of individual, household, and community-level variables that facilitate or hinder the adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviors and also influence physiological variables such as blood pressure response to dietary sodium. Another Core activity will be the provision of methodological consultation and cultural validation of all individual-level psychosocial measures, and relevant community-level measures, across Center Projects and pilot studies.

Principal Investigator: Janet Hankin, Ph.D.

Janet Hankin, Ph.D. is Professor of Sociology at Wayne State University Department of Sociology.  She is an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology at Wayne State University School of  Medicine.  Trained as a medical sociologist, Dr. Hankin has received NIH grants to study mental illness in primary group settings, utilization of  health services, and prevention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders among African American pregnant women. In her role as P.I. of the Psychosocial Community Measures Core of the Center, she brings her expertise in questionnaire development, research methods, and health care disparities.